Saturday, 22 November 2014

Nov 2014 Portfolio

This is the first time I am posting my portfolio and let’s make it easy and summarized
All Prices Are in USD unless stated.

I invested $10,261.02 in January 2014 (Reason for the weird number is because I had to transfer SGD 13,000 and convert to USD within the brokerage forex). Through a series of buying and selling, I come into this month with $10,472.35. Currently I’m still holding on to 3 positions as they have not yet entered my stop losses.

Stock Buy/Sell Size Price Current Unrealised
MU BUY 84 $31.80 $34.29 $209.16
BBY BUY 52 $33.40 $38.08 $243.36
TTWO BUY 131 $22.40 $26.89 $588.19

Net Liquidating Value : $11,513.06
Total Invested Capital : $10,261.02
Total Unrealised Gain : $1,040.71
P/L YTD                      : 12.20%

Options on Futures
Similarly I have USD 10,000 in another brokerage account in July 2014. This would be the mainstay of my investing journey as this is the portion where it is most passively handled.

Oct 14 : -$837.50
Nov 14 : $937.50

I still have open contracts due to expire in Dec, Jan and Feb as of this writing.

Net Liquidating Value : $11,923.57 (If i close all my contracts now)
Total Invested Capital : $10,000
Total Unrealised Gain : $1,923.57
P/L YTD                      : 19.23%

Many of you would wonder how come options are passive… Here’s the answer.
I’m an Option Seller. Every month I sell option contracts and wait for the 3rd Friday of the next few months for it to expire and the premium automatically goes into my account.

October was kind of a scare as the market went down 10.9% from the top of Sept 19 to the bottom of Oct 15. Actually, I lost $2,400 when I decided to buy back the contract during Asian hour. However, when I sold the contract, I received a premium of $950. So that made the loss acceptable (-$2,400 +950 = -$1450). The loss was cushioned by another contract that expired a few days later and I collected my premium (+$612.5) and offset the loss to -$837.50.
Lesson learnt that it is not a good idea to trade during Asian hours because you get ridiculous prices.

That’s it for now. Waiting for Dec… Where I will have my long deserved Cruise and my options expiring.

Investing Wolf
Disclaimer: This is not a recommendation to buy or sell any mentioned stocks or securities in this blog.


  1. Hi Investing wolf,

    I stumbled upon your blog while reading in finance sg, i have read up on stocks option online, but on the real life application i am still abit confused, do you think i can consult with you? via email probably?


    1. Hi Schizoe.

      Thank you for taking the time to read my posts. Ya sure, you can reach me at