Saturday, 20 December 2014

Dec 2014 Portfolio

Month of December

Finally the last month of the year has arrived. Came back from cruise and I find myself planning for the next holiday again. You can never spend too much time thinking about your next holiday.

Previously I was holding to 3 stocks which have been closed due to the recent drop in market. Now I’m looking at a few stocks which are showing rebounds from their technicals.


Net Liquidating Value : $11,489.00
Total Invested Capital : $10,261.02
Total Realised Gains   : $969.14
P/L YTD                     : 11.97%

Options on Futures
The market drop mentioned caused me to close 2 of the Dec contracts earlier to put some money back into the account. Besides, I do not need the to wait another 10 days just to get $20-$25 while risking my entire account going into a margin call situation. I try to avoid margin call as much as I can. And you should too. If new funds are not injected into the account or positions are not closed when you receive a margin call, the broker will force close ALL your positions and most of the time, it will cause trouble to your account. Hence you should try to avoid a margin call as much as you can. 

Oct 14             : -$837.50
Nov 14            : $937.50
Dec 14            : $917.5 ($642.5+$275)

Net Liquidating Value : $12,655.45 (If I close all my contracts now)
Total Invested Capital : $10,000
Total Unrealised Gain : $2,655.45
P/L YTD                      : 26.55%

Investing Wolf

Disclaimer: This is not a recommendation to buy or sell any mentioned stocks or securities in this blog.

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