Sunday, 17 May 2015

May 2015 Portfolio

Month of May

OMG! An even faster May! Wasn’t expecting May to just arrive so quickly as well... The good news is that I manage to complete by 1st test with results that were above expectations. 8 more tests to go and I would have completed my course!

I also received the chance to choose a BTO that I applied for back in Nov 2014. However, I got a pretty big number and by the time it was our turn, there were only 5 choices left and we both did not want to be staying on the 2nd floor. Hence we decided to forfeit the chance. Seems we need to continue to look for BTOs that we are comfortable with.

And back to stocks, I have been looking at Singapore stocks for any drawback because this is the month of “Sell in May, go away”. If it come true, then I would be ready to jump on to get some stocks for a discount.