Monday, 21 December 2015

December 2015

Month of December

Finally the end of the year is here. The most significant event of this month was the Fed interest rate increase to 0.25%. This was a much anticipated raise since many months ago so it wasn’t a surprise except no one knew when it would happen. That coupled with the fact that the commodities market went crazy. Crude oil fell below $40 for first time since 2009, natural gas dropped to a 16-year low and gold dropped to new 6-year low.

Perhaps this is a sign to continue to monitor the situation and look for entry opportunities. We should all agree that crude oil and natural gas are items which are still in use worldwide currently and hence there should be a limit to how low it can get. Gold is usually seen as a hedge against inflation and many Asians may like to purchase gold for their children.

On a personal note, I managed to get the letter of offer for my degree. This would mean that I would be considerably busy once classes start in March. That being said, I would still try to post as often as I can on topics I find interest in. The agreement for the BTO was also signed and this gives us time to plan for the costs of renovating, wedding and most importantly, the honeymoon.

After much consideration, I have decided to remove further portfolio details and transactions. While I initially wanted to use this platform as a motivation to constantly update my financial journey, I found myself wanting to show good results month after month that I was taking unnecessary risks on my accounts. I started to ignore my rules and it has caused a drastic shift in my account balance. That being said, the account has yet to be empty and I can still make a recovery. But I would not be posting my portfolios or transactions. I may from time to time post results of certain strategies which I have been trying out.

This would definitely help reduce the stress of trying to make good results on monthly postings and cause more errors in my positions.

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