Tuesday, 17 May 2016

May 2016

Month of May

Well, we are now at the 5th month of 2016. I am still amazed at how fast this year have seemed to have passed by. I realised I have not been posting monthly as previously mentioned… my only justification was that I was super busy with rushing out my degree essays. It is very tough to have to work full time and continue to rush out essays and presentations part time while keeping up to date with the daily financial news. I am so glad that the first 2 modules of my degree modules are about to be completed.

Although I have not been very involved in the financial markets (in terms of opening and closing option positions), I have been looking into Dividend investing in Singapore stocks. Reason? I have spare cash sitting around. Back when me and my girlfriend opened a joint Bonus$aver account earning 1.88%pa from Standard Chartered, I had intended to send the first 2 years of savings into the US markets and the rest will be used to purchase dividend stocks in Singapore. It was god sent that the USD/SGD rate was low back when I sent the money overseas. Now it has climbed to SGD$1.37/USD$1. 

It was also that I just recently realised that the account had exceeded the 25k limit of the bonus interest since last year… meaning whatever excess in the account was just earning a small 0.1%pa… What!!! That’s a waste of the potential of my money. They could be doing so much more that a 0.1%pa…

Another factor was that I needed to prepare for the inevitable… retiring on passive income! It has always been my wish to retire early on passive income and spend time doing the things that mattered. Now that the first 2 years of savings have gone into the US market for growth purposes, it was time to allocate the rest of the money into dividend stocks in Singapore.

Now I am mainly looking at stocks which are giving > 8% and below their NAV. I have bought into Lippo Mall Reit and AimsAMP Reit in this month alone (partly also because they are paying good dividend this month) based on the low gearing of both companies.

In the US, I am still selling oil/ gold/ E-mini contracts $200-$300 worth and waiting for them to expire. I figured that slow and steady wins the race and with the current account, I cannot afford to have multiple contracts opened at the same time as I am expecting the market to correct easily. Earning 2-3% every few month is good enough given the fact that I have not spent much time on the US markets as I dedicated to the Singapore market.

Lastly, I will come up with another savings post soon once I finish my last degree assignment end of this month. I thank you guys for taking the time to read my posts. :P

Investing Wolf 

Disclaimer: This is not a recommendation to buy or sell any mentioned stocks or securities in this blog. 

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