Thursday, 23 June 2016

The cost of hospitalization!

Everyone knows that healthcare in Singapore can be very costly, but how many of us are actually adequately covered when we are hospitalized? When was the last time you reviewed your hospitalization policy?

When I was still young, my mother had already bought plenty of insurance for me at that time. Since then she has been paying the insurance premium in my behalf. 2 years ago, I was interested in the area after a chance encounter at a seminar and took a look at the plans. That’s when I realized that I was covered with a whole life insurance, hospitalization and an endowment plan among other plans. After further review, I realized that some of the policies did not make sense and had to go. I had meet up sessions with some of my insurance friends and learnt about the different products in the market from them.

Hospitalization is an important item which one must definitely have. I say this because I work in the healthcare industry and I have seen how financial issues can affect the lives of patients and their family. An admission to a general B1 ward in a government restructured hospital can easily cost $198 - $240 per day (obtained from various major hospital websites) and this amount only puts your name on the bed and does not include any treatment or medication fees. This means that if you have to stay in the hospital for 7 days, it would translate to $1386 - $1680 just for the bed.

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Changes in SCB Bonus$aver Account

Today I came back from work and saw a letter addressed to me on my table. First impression was that it was from Standard Chartered because of the envelop it was sent in. I read the content and had to re-read the content a second time just to ensure my eyes were not playing a trick on me. The content of the letter is as below:

After such a “flexible” change in rates, you can expect me to terminate my account after June and move my funds into another bank with better rates such as the OCBC 360 of which I've been getting 1.75% easily. Thanks SCB for the 1.88% for the last few years.

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