Wednesday, 14 September 2016

CPF-IS under review.

Hi guys,

For those who don’t read newspaper, it looks like there are some changes coming to the CPF-IS according to The Straits Times’s Government to review CPF Investment Scheme: DPM Tharman.

Wow… According to the article, 80% of the people cannot earn even higher than 2.5% of the basic CPF OA interest and nearly 45% of CPF-IS had losses over same period. What!!!

It looks like because of these 80% of people who treat their hard earned money in the CPF like free money in a gambling den, the rest of us who are benefiting from the extra investment will likely be affected. Although it is under review, the CPF would still likely have components to still allow investors like us to continue using our money to invest for higher interest much like the 401k plan from the US.

That being said, it is better to keep a lookout at what changes will be made by this review.

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