Friday, 4 November 2016

Oct 2016 Portfolio

Hi guys,

For the month of October, I received my results for my 2nd trimester and they were excellent. That marked the completion of half of the degree course and another 8 more months to complete the whole course and be done with the studies… I seriously cannot wait to get my life back on track. Since the beginning of the degree class, I was so swamped with work, studies, social life and my financial life. I did not have enough concentration to focus on the financial markets and thus had to change my investment period to medium to long term. While that did not help much with my account, it helped to maintain my financial status.

In October, as the SG market continues its downward movement, I’m looking for an opportunity to long into more dividend stocks. However, I am not optimistic on the outlook of the local economy as companies are cutting workers and various indicators are showing a slowdown in the markets. Hence an entry would be based on the pure fundamentals of the company and their ability to last through a recession.

The US market has also started down trending since mid-September with the short term indicators being bearish and the medium term indicators sloping down as well. I guess the world is looking at the FED interest rate hike possibility and the US presidential election results very closely. Many investors are flocking to the safe haven which is the commodities which have resulted in a small spike in the metals.

That being said, I am still using cost reduction strategies to aggressively cut down on my positions and looking for opportunities in the commodities market because of the volatility.

My current SG holdings include:

Overall capital gain is +4.79%
Overall P&L with dividend is +9.43%

Investing Wolf 

Disclaimer: This is not a recommendation to buy or sell any mentioned stocks or securities in this blog. 

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