Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Aug 2017


The graduation date has been confirmed and the trip to Down Under settled. Overall, I think we all deserved a long holiday for me to relax after completing my degree and for my GF who has been so supportive and tolerating my nonsense throughout this period.

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This is also her first trip to Australia… If you looked at the activities we planned, I would say it crossed out a lot of items in the bucket list. I even bought a new 4k camera as an investment for this and future trips. Will be posting some of the photos here when all is done.

Recently attended an options workshop and really hope to utilize the learnings to boost earnings to be able to generate monthly income. GF also attended her long-awaited Internet Marketing workshop. So proud that she finally committed to doing something other than playing computer games (I’m also partially guilty coz I am also playing games on my tablet and phone).

The camera, trip and the workshops combined burnt a hole in our pockets… don’t think we would be spending huge amounts any time soon.

In my SG account: No transactions. (Generally think the market is too high and not worth any entry at the moment. A CRASH would entice me for a relook into the stock market.)

My current SG Cash holdings include:
Overall capital gain is +4.26%
Overall P&L with dividend is +17.12%

In my US account: In July, I’ve been selling some contracts in crude oil and corns.
Overall P&L YTD is +19.34%

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Disclaimer: This is not a recommendation to buy or sell any mentioned stocks or securities in this blog. 

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