Saturday, 4 November 2017

Nov 2017

So… It’s been a while since my last post. Here’s an update on myself and my financial journey. Holiday in Gold Coast was very memorable as we got to try out skydiving in Brisbane, hot air ballooning, theme park visits (weather was cold, so there was hardly anyone in any of the theme parks), visited O'Reilly Hinterland tour, Harbour Town Outlet shopping and drove to Byron Bay Lighthouse for the sunrise. What a beautiful location for an engagement site. :P.

Went to Perth for second part of the holiday and spent it visiting the Perth Mint (the gold pour was easily the highlight), Kings Park (beautiful night view of the city, literally got lost when we tried going ourselves during the day), Fremantle markets, and Swan valley. Got to the main business of receiving my Bachelor Degree at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre.

I misused the function on the 4K camera I bought, and is still selecting photos from thousands of short videos. :P

Also, I’m preparing for my wedding (probably 2018/19) and budgeting for my house reno. Although it’s still early as the estimated completed date is 2019, it doesn’t hurt to be more prepared. I will make a post about it as soon as I get more information on the topic. So stay tuned!

In my SG account: No transactions. (Generally think the market is too high and not worth any entry at the moment. A CRASH would entice me for a relook into the stock market.)
My current SG Cash holdings include:

Overall capital gain is +4.04%
Overall P&L with dividend is +19.62%

In my US account: I have been doing repairs on gold options (GC) since Oct. So long as gold holds above 1240 in the next 23 days, the position will finally expire for a profit. The US market has been on an uptrend and thus warrants some put options on the ES. Depending on the other commodities market, there might be more entries. However, it would mean that I have to inject more cash into the account in order to hold any new positions.
Overall P&L YTD is +14.99%

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