Friday, 16 February 2018

Feb 2018

Feb 2018

A new year has come and the first month have passed. January was packed with many personal decisions. We started looking around at the hotels, restaurants and bridal boutiques for our wedding. After much consideration, we are about to finalise on a restaurant that is within our tight budget (mainly my budget) and signed a package with a bridal boutique at an affordable price (both me and the Mrs-to-be were happy with that decision). Although the wedding is in 2019, we feel it best to start looking into it and attempt to settle the big items before the GST rises.

In my SG account: Because of the recent drop on Feb 5th, I started looking at Singapore market. Although it is not a crash, I’m looking at opportunities to enter the STI ETF using CPF to participate in the growth.

My current SG Cash holdings include:

Overall capital gain is (-5.49%)
Overall P&L with dividend is +12.10%

In my US account: In terms of the markets, February proved to be a troublesome month as a couple of my positions were tested. The crude oil and gold went to a new 6-month high triggering the need to perform repairs on both then it dropped 10% subsequently. Eventually had to reposition myself giving the YTD a huge deficit.
So far, I’m holding positions in S&P500, crude oil and gold.

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