Friday, 15 June 2018

Jun 2018

It’s been a while since I’ve written on my financial journey. While I’m occupied by personal matters, I find the Singapore market more and more attractive. Given that we just went past the 200-day moving average (MA), it’s a good time to look at stocks for the long term.
In my SG account: I recently bought more shares of STI ETF using my CPF-IS as the market went below the 200MA and will be looking to accumulate more shares if it continues to go down. I’ve also been looking at Singapore companies which have been increasing dividends, consistent net income and close to/under book value for the past few years. These are just some of the things I look at when researching a company.

I also collected some dividends from my holdings in May and Jun. Currently looking at some companies selling at a discount!

My current SG Cash holdings include:

Overall capital gain:                -4.68%
Overall P&L with dividend:   +15.28%

In my US account: The repairs that I did in Feb expired worthless, bringing the P&L YTD back into positive territory. A 6% return since the start of the year, not bad considering Feb’s drop. I increased the account size by consolidating 2 accounts as it allowed me to hold more positions and created more room for repairs should there be another correction. Thank god I learnt how to repair my positions…

So far, I’m holding positions in crude oil and waiting for opportunities in S&P and gold. The volatility for both S&P and gold have dropped quite a bit and selling options in low volatility is not a very good idea as the premium is quite low.

Investing Wolf 
Disclaimer: This is not a recommendation to buy or sell any mentioned stocks or securities in this blog. 

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