Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Sept 2018

Aug was pretty boring also. So boring in fact, that I went and enrolled in a basic photography class. This decision was due to the fact that during the family trip in April - May, some of the photos were not taken to satisfaction. I'm glad I enrolled as the instructor gave many useful tips on how to use the different camera modes. I was also able to take several photos which I really liked during the class. 
This would most certainly prepare me for the upcoming Singapore Grand Prix, my annual cruise trip with Royal Caribbean and the upcoming Disney Christmas lights at Orchard Road. The class was entirely paid for with SkillsFuture Credits so I didn't have to fork out a single cent. Whoopee!!!

In Aug, I also transferred some of my CPF OA to CPF SA to earn the higher rate of interest since there is nothing interesting to buy. This move was prompted in part because I saw the accrued interest on my property at over $600 when my initial 5% downpayment was only $9k (I have not been checking my CPF statements often). The accrued interest would only go higher and thus I needed my money to work harder. The interest in OA (2.5%) is not comparable to SA (4%). The news also came from the government that homeowners can retain $20,000 in their OA when taking HDB loan to provide for more flexibility. More importantly, because of this news, it allows homeowners like me to keep the $20k in my account to grow at 3.5% (for the first $20k only) and reduces the amount to generate the accrued interest which is 2.6%. 

In my SG account: Nothing interesting caught my attention in Aug. The companies are still not as attractive as I would like them to be.
Dividends from SBS and Lippo came in at the end of Aug. Still expecting Aims to send me my money in late Sept.

My current SG Cash holdings include:

Overall capital gain:                -4.29%
Overall P&L with dividend:   +8.63%

In my US account: Last month I mentioned that I did some repairs on my positions. Due to the reversal, all my repairs went into the green and I closed them early for the profit. No point earning minimal credit while risking entire positions. This means that I have cash lying around while I look for opportunities.

So far, I’m holding a position in gold expiring in Oct.

Investing Wolf 

Disclaimer: This is not a recommendation to buy or sell any mentioned stocks or securities in this blog. 

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