Thursday, 6 December 2018

Dec 2018

I have not been posting anything for a couple of reason. Up till today, I’m still coughing non-stop. Following the news, the trade war has finally got a truce from the 2 superpowers but the most surprising new was the liquidation of OptionSellers. They were the reason I started with futures options and to see that they lost everything because of naked selling, kind of reminds me the earlier days of my journey when I risked a lot doing naked trades. Lucky for me, it didn’t end my account. Since the huge loss years ago, I’ve not ventured into naked options again (even though it initially gave me the ability to double my account only to be reduced to 50% of my original account). Spreads are still my preferred instrument as it allows me to sleep comfortably at night without worrying too much.

In my SG account: I’ve gotten my hands on some Ascendas-iTrust just recently. I was initially interested to get some First REIT but was discouraged after seeing issues with their main sponsor.

Dividends from Lippo Mall came in Nov while I’m still waiting for AIMS and Accordia towards the end of this month.

My current SG Cash holdings include:

Overall capital gain:               -8.27%
Overall P&L with dividend:   +3.03%

In my US account: The 11% correction in Oct in S&P and the 35% drop of the crude oil since Oct caused a dent in the account. I managed to set up a couple of repairs for crude oil but for S&P, I had to take the losses first given that I am going to overleverage myself if I stack more positions. I had initially created an iron condor to reduce margins in S&P but given the rebound at the $2,625 line, I had to take my call spreads off the table to limit losses. Looking at the current market, it seems to be bouncing off between $2,815 and $2,625. I can only watch to see if the market gives me any more entries that would not increase my margins by too much. The only good thing I had going since Sept was the 10-year treasury notes breaking up from the lows of 117”135. Bringing my first step into treasury notes to a positive end.

So far, I’m holding positions in crude oil and S&P.

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