Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Apr 2019

April came without me noticing… OMG… I wanted to do a post every month and I didn’t even realised March went away. Oh well… Been busy with work, wedding, house, and financial education since March.

In February, we went for our very first Singapore Zoo Run. Although I just had a night shift before the run, we managed to have a good walk around the Singapore Zoo talking photos. Both of us have never been to the Singapore Zoo and we thought it was a good idea to explore using the run for entry.

In March, we did our pre wedding shoot, met with our solemniser, did site visit to the wedding venue with our groomsmen and bridesmaid. So far, we’ve confirmed AD photographer, emcee, photobooth vendor, solemniser, table styling vendor and wedding venue. We are confirming the details for the car rental companies. I also attended a forex course. I’ve always wanted to learn forex because in forex, you can do it like a robot. If the rules fit, you enter and forget about it. If it doesn’t fit the rules, then you go on to the next chart. In the stock market, there are thousands of companies each with their own unique story… long term fundamentals and short term technicals. Too much variables and personal discretions to consider. We also started to plan for our house renovation because we received the email from HDB telling us our house is going to complete soon… So excited!

In my SG account: Nothing has changed in this month. This is also the month my account finally went above the initial capital in a long time all thanks to SBS and Ascendas India Trust. Major losses still from Lippo but much of the loss is offset by the dividends.

Dividends collected from AIMS and Lippo in March.

My current SG Cash holdings include:

Overall capital gain:             +0.01%
Overall P&L with dividend:   +9.54%

In my US account: So the positions in crude oil and S&P closed in Jan with oil being profitable and S&P making a loss. I realised I did not have too much time to concentrate on the futures market in the coming months and as such, I’ve opened a couple of position in the stock market. Alphabet and Nvidia March options were sold and all closed profitable. Alphabet, Netflix, and Amazon April were sold and so far, they are all in profit with expiry due on 18 April.

Overall capital gain: +16.0%

Investing Wolf 

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